Next Up:
Team Picker

Random team generator

Drawing straws is dumb, use a slightly less dumb app to pick teams!

No more fighting to be on Ryan’s team. Let the app decide! We created Next Up was created for Spikeball, but it can be used for any pickup games like pickleball, basketball, tennis, even board games. Next Up is a stupidly simple team picker.


Randomly generate Teams

2v2, 3v3, 4v4, Any

Extra players automatically “next up” in the queue

Track Winners for each game

Add Players

Start by giving your friends a ridiculous nickname. Double down by pairing them with their own power animal as an avatar. You can also just add a photo of them.

Generate teams

Mark who is playing

Have extra players? Next Up will decide who sits.

Pick Teams

Literally just press the button

Bam! Done.

Teams are picked.

Track Winners